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Donate the car: Roller coaster car from Lancaster County donated to national museum

A car from the former Rocky Springs Park Jack Rabbit roller coaster in Lancaster County, and a restored model of the Knoebels Phoenix roller coaster have been donated to the National Roller Coaster Museum in Texas.

According to the museum, the Jack Rabbit roller coaster was at Rocky Springs Park in West Lampeter Township from 1918 until 1927. The car was donated by Jim Bowen and John Hayek of the American Coaster Enthusiasts.

“In 1918 the Jack Rabbit would have been operated with three, three-car trains,” B. Derek Shaw, an NRCMA historian, said.

“The number nine on the donated car denotes it was the last car of the three trains.” The coaster was in operation only nine years between the park’s Figure 8 coaster and the more well-known Wildcat. The ride was designed by John Miller and built by Philadelphia Toboggan Company.

“We know this train operated as the Jack Rabbit and not the park’s Wildcat coaster because it has bronze bushing wheels and not the more modern roller bearing wheels which operated on the trains of the Wildcat. It is a beautiful example of that era and even features the original paint and likely the original upholstery,” Shaw said.

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