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Lawyer: Shooting of Black man in PA "unjustified"

A lawyer representing the family of a Black man shot to death by Philadelphia police has called the victim's shooting "unjustified." Shaka Johnson said the victim had mental issues. (Oct. 27)Video Transcript

SHAKA JOHNSON: My position should be clear that that was an unjustified shooting. I think you saw it as well. We all saw it. It's an unjustified shooting. We have a person who has mental health issues. We're going to vet those out as the process continues. But we have officers who, I think, are not properly trained to deal with those mental health issues.

Passionate man, he's a hard-working gentleman. I'm not sure if we're talking about just bipolar, or manic depressive or we're talking about some pinch of autism. I'm not sure. I'm no clinician. But I do know the gentleman was on a regimen of lithium, and that says to me that he was under doctor's care. And that says to me that officers who are trained, invisible ink, properly, should notice certain things when they arrive at a scene.

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